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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disney Withdraws Trademark Application for "Seal Team Six"

Too bad, I would love to have seen the smackdown of Disney v. U.S.A., especially since

"Navy spokeswoman Amanda Greenberg said the Navy is "fully committed" to protecting its trademark rights."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pilot Pre-Examination Interview Program Expanded to All Art Units

Read the full story at Patently-O.  Key points:

1.  The pilot program will run for one year from May 16th, presumably with re-evaluation at that time.

2.  To be eligible, the pending application must not have more than three independent and twenty total claims all directed to a single invention (i.e., not subject to a restriction requirement).  

3.  To participate, an applicant must electronically file a request for a first action interview at least one day before an Office action is entered into PAIR.  An application that does not originally fit within the requirements can become eligible through a preliminary amendment.

The big enticement?  A better shot at a first action allowance and a drastically foreshortened prosecution time.